BYOV - Bring Your Own Vessel Workshop

Join us at PlantHouse for a special Bring Your Own Vessel(BYOV) workshop - you can breathe new life into your favorite decorative containers

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This event has been cancelled. Please view our cancellation and refund policy.

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Join us at PlantHouse for a special Bring Your Own Vessel (BYOV) workshop where you can breathe new life into your favorite decorative containers! Whether it's a dish, bowl, tray, or vase from home, this event is perfect for anyone looking to create custom terrariums and candles. Unleash your creativity and transform your cherished items into beautiful, personalized pieces.

Class Details

  • Bring your own vessel and decide if you want to make a terrarium or a beautiful smelling candle!
  • Since this is BYOV, you can choose how many and what types of plants to add for terrariums! And with candles, no size is too big or too small to make a candle with a variety of scents!
  • Our PlantHouse crew will guide you through the process, offering tips and tricks to create a stunning terrarium or candle.
  • Receive expert instruction and assistance from the PlantHouse crew on all of your creations.
  • Multiple vessels for both terrariums and candles is encouraged! And please feel free to mix and match (starting with candles first since they take some time to dry)

Cost & Pricing:

  • Your ticket secures you with one place at the BYOV event.
  • Terrariums: If you are building a terrarium, each $10 ticket will cover the drainage rock, potting soil, and all of our wonderful decorations for one standard creation. You may bring in additional vessel for an additional cost of $6 (small), $10 (standard), or $20 (large). Plants are charged a la carte based on how many and which you use. (EX: a standard terrarium with 3 succulents ($4 each) will cost a total of $22 and one ticket will cover $10 of cost for one terrarium)
  • Candles: If you are making a candle, each $10 ticket will be credited towards the final purchase price. The final purchase price is determined solely on the amount of wax / scent mixture that is utilized to fill your vessel at a price of $1.60 per Oz. (EX: a 10oz Candle will cost $16 and your $10 will be credited towards that $16).

**please note, the larger the candle vessel, the longer it will take to dry for you to be able to bring it home. For a point a reference, it takes a 12oz candle approximately 45 minutes to be dry enough to safely transport home. To determine the oz of your vessel, try using water at home!

Bring your creativity and cherished vessels, and let's craft something special together at PlantHouse! This workshop is a fantastic opportunity to repurpose your favorite containers and create beautiful, personalized decor.

Come by early or stick around after you finish your project to shop our retail plant shelves and get a special discount! Show your workshop ticket at checkout and recieve 20% off plants 🌿 Treat yourself to an extra leafy friend. This discount is only availible on the day of your workshop reservation.

Spaces are limited, so reserve your spot today and join us for a day of creativity and fun at the BYOV Workshop! 🌿